Kvasar Technology is a leading developer of advanced server-based infrastructure software and offers strategic software development services in order to help customers quickly turn revolutionary ideas into profitable products.

Kvasar proposes a unique combination of expertise, allowing to
design a complete system architecture,
undertake the development of critical pieces of software, and
provide standard cost-effective solutions
for clients for whom security, robustness, efficiency and time to market matter. We provide full lifecycle services with an emphasis on architecting and implementing custom application solutions and infrastructures.

Kvasar Technology has recognized expertise in building products dealing with extremely large datasets. We are experts in using principles from supercomputing, cloud computing, and genomic data analysis to create software solutions to challenging real-life problems in a completely unique way.

Kvasar Technology maintains a close relationship with the active open-source software communities. We are experts in blending open-source projects and custom code to deliver a complete customized solution at a reduced cost. In doing so, Kvasar Technology also makes a point in contributing back to open-source communities.

On-line applications built or rearchitected with Kvasar Technology can enjoy:
Reduced site development time
Faster deployment
Increased application performance, 7-9 faster
Superior access to and coordination of multiple, disparate data sources
Built-in security
Easier day-to-day management
Unprecedented scalability


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